World Reclaimed Instafilm series, 15s x 7 World Reclaimed on Instagram

MOA | Picapichu!

MOA | Picapichu! Instafilm, 15s MOA on Instagram

MOA | Without Masks | Instafilm, 15s

Process | Branding | Film | Web www.ennsgauthier.com

Experience | Branding | Film | Web www.ennsgauthier.com

Joyce Ozier | Branding | Film | Web www.joyceozier.com

Gillespie 1975| RFA | Archive

City of Heartbreak | Fall 2014

New Life Nutrition www.newlifenutrition.ca

Aloe Designs | Landscape Design & Installation www.aloedesigns.com

Rol Fieldwalker Architect rolfieldwalker.com

Rol Fieldwalker Architect | The Region Arc Cine

Adagio Haiku | Fashion Film of the Year Finalist | 2013 | Whistler Film Festival ELLE Canada

Ask for Luigi www.askforluigi.com

Patricia Fieldwalker 2014 | The Silk Road

F as in Frank | Vintage

Gone Clubbing | Anti-fur PSA

Chothnic Preservation | Behind the Scenes | Anathema Photography

Lanefab Design/ Build | Net-Zero Laneway Homes | Cineplex

Lion’s Bay | RFA | Arc Cine

The Schoolhouse Project | Green Thumb Theatre

Gleaming The Cube | Hidden Towers

Carleton Hall Restoration | Green Thumb Theatre

Soma Yoga Retreats | Greece II

Maui Vacation Rentals

Alain Richer | Painter’s Paint

Alain Richer | Epoxy Flooring

Pete’s Meats

Architectural Cinematography | VanDusen Storyboard For Entrance

Everydayyoga.ca | Introduction

Everydayyoga.ca | Set 2 ~ Inner Vitality

Scout Magazine calls it “Mesmerizing Food Porn”

Urban Oasis Arc Cine

I am Salmon | Adam’s River Sockeye

Switchblade: Introduction


Soma Yoga Retreats | Greece

Nonohe | Place of Beauty

PF 2010 Silk | Vancouver Fashion Week

Feature Exhibit | Anathema Photography | Behind the Scenes

Aloha Sole Mats

Everydayyoga.ca | Set 1 ~ Get Up & Go

Everydayyoga.ca | Set 3 ~ Adjust your ribcage and lower spine

Join Ruby Maui Yoga in Nisyros, Greece

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