Rising Tides

Maui | Hawaii

Coral reefs around the world play a vital role in a myriad of aquatic life forms, from the microscopic, to twenty pound bonefish. The state of coral worldwide reflect the condition of all life on earth. Rising sea levels and climate change bring challenges to islanders with changes to the ocean, the reef, and the fish that call it home. Spending time on the water with locals is an essential way we can learn about our rapidly changing environments, and how we can better adapt our fishing practices today. The beaches of Maui offer some of the largest and oldest bonefish or O’io, in the Pacific. Kayaking anglers in Hawaii are focused on promoting zero-footprint angling, conservation of the reefs near shore, and maintaining the integrity of this fishery, in hopes for continued fly fishing in the future. I really want to thank everyone again who has helped make this film a reality. Mahalo to Maui guide @localfishingknowledge and his family, Marcus for the Ukulele jams, @johann.hoogland hucking crusts all day long! @ontheflymagazine at On The Fly Magazine for believing in me, and the cause, and@patriciafieldwalker for the reef friendly sunscreen. The crazy GT poppers and shrimp flies from@andrestepanianmusic at@frenzyflies we’re still on the search for Mission: G !

Fly fishing and it’s deep rooted connection to nature enables the sport to engage people and encourage participation in the ongoing preservation of coastlines, water, and ecosystems that fish and people depend on the world over.

This project seeks to attract and elevate individuals, organizations, and brands that share our passion for nature and the conservation of it.

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