Fishing BC commissioned social media content centred around fly fishing with Brian Chan and Fishing BC ambassadors on The Fishing Highway 24.





BRIAN CHAN – HIGHWAY 24 | Fly-fishing master Brian Chan knows better than most how to catch big rainbow trout, and along B.C.’s Highway 24 — the Fishing Highway — he has more opportunity than anywhere. “The challenge of fly-fishing on lakes is that every day is different, and the fish can get ultra-selective,” he says. There are hundreds of extremely productive lakes in close proximity, with prime conditions to grow big rainbow trout.

DRIFTING THE CLEARWATER | “There is always the possibility of getting a big fish out of here,” says fly-fishing guide Elia Ganderski, about the Clearwater River near Wells Gray provincial park. Drift boat fishing the Clearwater River gives anglers access to kilometres of water, and the kind of trout that some fishermen won’t see but once or twice in a lifetime. The fishing can be technical and challenging, but the rewards are significant.






EXPLORING OCTOBER | Pacific salmon swim hundreds of kilometres from the ocean to lay their eggs and then bodies in the river, and thus lay their lives to service of a much larger story.

As Rainbow trout search for stray eggs to fatten up before winter, eagles, ravens, and bears distribute the exhausted fish throughout the region, building the foundation for next years salmon fry to begin the cycle anew.





FALLING WATER | ” In the fall, stoneflies the size of hummingbirds descend the steep canyon walls surrounding the Falls, to shed their shucks on the smooth rocks at the edge of the river. Getting these fish to take a dry fly in such tight quarters is a game of match the hatch and patient, delicate presentations.”




WANDERING IN WELLS GRAY PARK | Rivers tie B.C.’s mountains and forests to the sea — they are the coursing lifeblood of this supernatural province. In them, salmon and steelhead surge to ancient spawning grounds while resident trout, char and even sturgeon lie in runs and pools in rivers big and small. All of them offer anglers once-in-a-lifetime experiences.