The Sockeye salmon return to the Fraser River. With an estimated 25-million sockeye expected, this year’s Fraser River run could be the strongest on the river since 1913.
The bounty is especially welcome after a disastrous 2009 season when a little more than one million salmon made their way back to the river. A 32-hour commercial fishery on the river started at noon on Wednesday, August 25, 2010. It will be followed with an aboriginal fishery over the weekend of August 28/29. The tidal sport fishery remains open until September 19th.

Fraser River Sockeye | Part One | Aug 29, 2010

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For historical insight into the importance of Fraser River Sockeye, and all Pacific salmon, to people of B.C….

Fishing Around the Law: The Pacific Salmon Management System as a “Structural Infringement” of Aboriginal Rights
AUTHORS: Emily Walter, R. Michael M’Gonigle and Céleste McKay