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Looking over the past 150 years, Art Lingren explores the origins of fly-fishing in British Columbia and the history of fly fishing based art forms found in British Columbia. As a fly fisher, writer, and publisher, Art has a long history of sharing his storers, flies, limited edition books, letters and companionship with friends and passionate fly fishers across Canada and around the world.


The 2011 winner of the Jean-Guy Côté Award, Art Lingren is a life long resident of Vancouver British Columbia. He is a member and past president of the Totem Fly Fishers, and acted as President of the British Columbia Federation of Fly Fishers. He is a member and served for many years as a Director of the Steelhead Society of BC. He has fished salmonids everywhere in Western Canada. He is very much involved in the protection of our Canadian fly fishing history and heritage. Tier and creator of original fly patterns for trout and salmon for more than thirty years, he has written nine fly fishing/tying books. Two of those books are ‘Fly Patterns of Roderick Haig-Brown’ and ‘Fly Patterns of British Columbia’. His involvement does not stop there since he has contributed to ten others.Two of his books served as Western Canada reference books for the Canada Post 1998 and 2005 fly fishing stamp series, and four of the ten flies featured in these series came from our winner’s books. During his career he has made an important contribution to Canadian fly tying through his writings, impressive creative ability and broad spectrum public promotion. In 2016 Art exhibited his collection at The Museum of Vancouver :Me and My Collection: Art Lingren’s Fly Fishing Passion.

The artistry of angling, the integration of direct experience, science, and art form is reflected in so many facets fly fishing, besides the actual fish catching itself. From fly tying and casting, to entomology and hydrology, to rod design, to wooden boat building, to writing, painting, photography, publishing and film, the artistry of angling is a core part of the history of British Columbia. The history of British Columbia and fly fishing are inextricably linked. The territorial boundaries of what is now British Columbia were formed in part due to the perception by the British that Pacific salmon did not take the fly regularly, and it has been said that Washington and Oregon were ultimately ceded to the United States partially on these grounds. Fly fishing the beaches for salmon has been practiced in BC for over 100 years. Fly fishing is about connection: to nature, to friends and family, and to your self. During these times, its more important than ever to connect with each other and the natural world. The inculcation of fly fishing philosophy is ultimately about creating and growing these connections.


Art Lingren’s basement art studio and library in Vancouver. Art Lingren discusses the many facets of angling artistry from fly tying, rod building, and writing, to photography, film, painting, woodworking, and more. He takes us through his studio process and his recently published books. The Artistry of Angling will document this process and discover rare aspects of Art’s knowledge of BC history, angling, authors, and artworks. This will include fly tying, photography, painting, and publishing. During the summer months, Art gets up at first light to practice a morning ritual of stalking the beaches with a fly rod and camera in tow. Art joins his friends to catch and release coho salmon on the fly, in just a few feet of water, using the same flies and presentation used over 150 years ago.The art of fly casting will be featured on the beach at Ambleside in North Vancouver as we catch and release abundant Capilano hatchery Coho Salmon in the estuary under the Lions Gate Bridge, with downtown Vancouver in the background.As anadromous fish like salmon and steelhead face innumerable challenges to their survival, it is angling artistry that fosters connection to nature,  participation in environmental and animal conservation, and share fly fishing philosophy with others.

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