The artistry of angling, the integration of direct experience, science, and art form is reflected in so many facets fly fishing, besides the angling itself. From fly tying and entomology, to bamboo rod design, to wooden net and boat building, to writing, painting, poetry, photography, films, music and pod-casts, to product design, material design and even guiding. Embodying the total angling experience and capturing the unique spirit of each place is the ultimate goal of all of our endeavours. The memories and emotions connected to fishing, family, the ocean, and the land are some of the most powerful and meaningful and lasting- and so they are the locus of our creative direction and stories. More than ever- conservation, catch and release, and engagement in environmental issues affecting us all are informing our projects and how we conduct them. #theanglingexperience

Join us at first light during the Summer and Fall as we stalk salmon on the saltwater flats of Vancouver’s North Shore, with fly rods and film cameras. Fly fishing and filming at the early golden hour, just five minutes from Downtown Vancouver. This is some of the most challenging fly fishing for salmon you’ll find anywhere – anywhere. Sight fishing at it’s most extreme. Our morning wades can last up to three or four hours, depending on the size of the tide. Contact us directly to arrange a trip.