Rising Tides / Trailer

Maui, Hawaii

2018 – International Year of the Reef

Fly fishing and it’s deep rooted connection to nature enables the sport to engage people and encourage participation in the ongoing preservation of coastlines, water, and ecosystems that fish and people depend on the world over.

Climate change and warming seas, acidification and chemical run-off, sea level rise and sedimentation, coastal erosion and the loss of finger coral reef habitat, we have to make changes now to have hope for the future.

As record-breaking high tides overwhelm Hawaii, anglers are getting a first hand look at what the local reefs will be like in the decades to come. As costal communities around the globe adapt to the acceleration of rising sea levels Capt. Jon Jon Tabon adapts his four decades of local knowledge to the rapidly changing environment.

Although the Hawaiian Bonefish can reach 5-10 pounds all year, shots at 15-20 pound fish are common. At the edge of the fore reef GT, Mahi, tuna, wahoo, and other pelagic species lurk. Jon Jon fishes exclusively from kayak and on foot, creating a zero-footprint fly-fishing experience.

We leverage the power of film to amplify messages for wildlife and habitat conservation and propose real-world solutions for our everyday lives.

This project seeks to attract and elevate individuals, organizations, and brands that share our passion for nature and the conservation of it.

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