• Contact: Corbie Fieldwalker, Creative Director
  • Filming and Fishing : Xwemelch’stn/ Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Phone: 1+778-882-2187
  • Email: info@Corbiefieldwalker.com



“These properties are quarantined behind
tall fences, not suitable for human or other
animals to inhabit,” he told The Huffington
Post B.C.
Inside Vancouver’s Empty Houses,
Oddities of a Red-Hot Market.
Videographer documents abandoned homes
in a prestigious west side neighbourhood.
“A quiet, contemplative bit of exasperating food porn…
The film is short, but just long enough to make you start
weeping with holy need.” ~Pizzeria Farina
The studio’s fashion film, Adagio Haiku,
shot on North Shore Maui, was a finalist.
in the 2013 ELLE Canada Fashion Film Competition.
In 2008 Corbie was nominated for a Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Original
Composition and Sound Design for his live
performances of Green Thumb Theatre’s
‘Steel Kiss’, directed by Patrick McDonald.
Corbie’s first film, “Clayoquot Sound”, a short surfing film shot in Tofino B.C. was an officiall selection for the Whistler Film Festival in 2005.